Oct 2011

how to play piano fast easy and fun way

Tim Mitchum the Pianofool went from 3 time traditional piano teaching failure to being a paid dueling piano player. He developed the "Layer Method Of Piano" which eliminates sheet music, scales, and boring exercises that kill your chances of actually playing the piano. He learned 40 songs in 9 days in order to play his first show utilizing the "Layer Method" he developed. He has passed on his simple but powerful methods to students all over the world. Pianofool is changing the way learning how to play the piano is perceived and definitely agitating traditional piano teachers everywhere. You can learn to play the piano with the right method, very fast, with real songs that you know and love no matter what you think your ability is. rticle Source:http://EzineArticles. com/expert/Tim Mitchum/54353Like the above pointed out method, you can also do it with the assistance of an improvised keyboard. And to make it much easier, you can utilize memory helps to assist you to memorize those notes. This can greatly help you with the notes which are made too complex to learn. When you want to take note of these points that you desire to emphasize, you can stop the video.

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Oct 2011

how to play christmas songs on piano easy

Some schools do offer a minor in music, but if not, you may be able to use some elective credits to take music theory and other music classes even as a non music major. You are also likely to be able to audition for ensembles and choruses as a non music major, so even if you don’t major in music, look for ways of feeding your passion. We encourage you to first ask yourself why you would want to major in music. And what you’d want to do when you graduate. Music majors do gain excellent transferable skills that can be applied to most fields, but are also expected to work extremely hard in school. We encourage you to re read this article as well as auditioning articles on this website to understand what it really takes to get accepted as a music major especially at schools that require an audition. For schools that don’t require an audition, you may need to have a minimum GPA and test scores to get accepted, so check with schools you’re curious about or interested in attending. We encourage you to re read this article as well as auditioning articles on this website to understand what it really takes to get accepted as a music major. Cross reference that by looking at music school requirements to learn more about the classes you’d be required to take. You’ll see that without a strong background in music, this would all be extremely difficult to pull off. HOWEVER, most schools offer music electives as well as opportunities for private lessons and participation in vocal groups many schools have a cappella groups that would welcome a strong beat boxer!so that you and any other student who is passionate about music can continue to enjoy and learn and improve your proficiency.

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