Oct 2011

how to play piano in ten easy lessons

I’ve also been teaching myself piano for about 8 months. I’ve just recently been considering majoring in music, but I can’t get piano lessons, and I’ve never had private lessons on my flute. I plan on taking AP Music Theory next year, but I just feel like other kids that plan on majoring in music are so much better off than I am, even though we’ve been playing the same amount of time!I guess I’m just asking for suggestions?How can I better prepare myself?What should I truthfully expect?So much depends on why you want to become a music major, what you envision doing with your degree, and where you want to go to school. Read our articles under the “Preparation and Planning” tab to help clarify what you want to do. Also look seriously at summer music programs to amp up your playing – our Summer Music Camps and Program section is a great place to look for those. Most music schools require an audition, and you have a much better chance of doing well on your audition if you’ve been taking lessons with a private teacher.

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Oct 2011

how to play titanium on piano easy tutorial

Aural skills comes very natural to me. I am 20 years old now. While I was young and living at home, it was frowned upon to be artistic. I would love to be a music professor for course such as music theory. I am into technology. MIDI controller and mixing. Not so much into sampling as I like doing things from scratch. I am learning to play the keyboard and would like to play the piano. I feel I am ready to go to college and I want to teach. Will this be possible considering I am a late bloomer?I am not looking to being a professional musician per se as I feel that I can perfect my craft while doing other things. But I love to teach.

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