Oct 2011

utube how to play believe on piano easy

She showed the passions and the talents at an early stage. With the skills and abilities developed over years and years, she got a valuable chance to perform in Saint Saens?s piano concerto in a large scale concert held in Xinghai concert hall when she was 17. Under the intensive training, her musicality and collaboration were enhanced. She further strengthened her music interest and abilities after attending various kinds of performance and competitions. She graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2013, studying with well known musician Dr Cheng Wai. During the years of studies at HKBU, Ms.

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Oct 2011

learning how to play the piano online

What would you say if after graduating from public school your child could not be able to read any literature, but instead could only recite memorized poems and chapters from novels?Most likely, you would say that your child remained illiterate. But it happens in music classes all the time when music educators want to teach our children to recite without teaching them to make music for their personal enjoyment or jointly with others for their personal pleasure. This is not music literacy not without teaching kids the elementary skills of reading and writing music. Here is some information about piano chords. How to play accompaniment for yourself on piano or keyboard when you sing. If you want to learn melody playing on piano or how to read music, I can't help you.

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